Padstow Wine Company Cornish Dry Gin 70cl

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Padstow Wine Company Cornish Dry Gin - batch one now out!




The label reflects the PWC design, in turn representing the elements of stone, sand, sea and sky, while many of you will recognise 'Padstow Pride', the bright pink flower that grows so prolifically in the area.


The gin itself is as fresh as the sea - a salty tang of iodine from the Cornish Sea Buck - alongside gorse flowers, rosemary and bay. Distilled at a well-loved Cornish Distillery, this has been painstakingly tasted and tested: the results speak for themselves.


David's perfect pour: tall, slender hi-ball; large cubes of ice; Cornish Bay Leaf; 50ml gin; Fevertree Original.


or the Padstow Martini:-

50ml gin + 15ml Cornish Vermouth (Knightor make several delicious varieties: I favour their Rosé)

Shake over ice, serve in a frosted Martini Glass


Cornish Botanicals: Sea Buck - Mint - Lemon Balm - Rosemary - Bay - Gorse Blossom

Plus: Juniper - Coriander - Pepper - Almond - Citrus Zest - Liquorice Root


Free Delivery in Cornwall - please contact us for wholesale.