Padstow Rhubarb Vodka 50cl

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Padstow Barley Vodka 'Rhubarb' 50cl, 40%abv


Made from barley grown in the fields just above the beach at St George's Well, our Barley Vodka really is the Spirit of Padstow!


David writes: 'My Rhubarb vodka has great freshness and purity not only from the crystal-clear Padstow Barley Vodka, but also from the cold maceration of the rhubarb in this careful adaptation of my Great-Grandmother's  recipe - only very lightly sweetened - hardly at all in fact. I love it on its own, but it really comes to life with Fevertree Original tonic water, and you'll find the rhubarb flavours really burst out of the glass.'


100% produced and bottled in Cornwall.