'Padstow G&T' Party Pack

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Impress your guests with these perfectly-made, delicious Padstow Gin and Tonics.

We’ve spent much time finding the perfect serve to complement the flavours in our original Padstow Gin. We choose Premium Navas Tonic, made from Cornish spring water; wonderfully crisp with lots of citrus, floral neroli and aromatic bergamot, blended with the bitterness of quinine and woody notes from the cinchona bark. In the right proportions, this balances beautifully with the flavours of juniper, citrus, bay and the stems of Alexander that you find in our smooth and exceptionally dry gin.

Easy to make, all you’ll need in addition are limes and (optional) bay leaves to garnish, plus one gin glass per guest. (You can buy a set of glasses separately here)

Each pack comes with a recipe card with directions on how to make your G&Ts just like we do in the bar. We've also included a beautiful copper jigger to help get your measurements just right.

Perfect for hosting dinner parties, this also makes a fabulous gift for any party-thrower or aspiring mixologist.


Serves 12


x1 Original Padstow Gin 70cl

x12 Premium Navas Cornish Tonic 200ml 

x1 Copper measure 50ml 

x1 Padstow G&T recipe card