With wine in every inBox, on every show and in every aisle, how on earth can we choose? Over three colourful decades in wine - drinking, choosing, tasting, thinking - I am in many ways no clearer about the way forward, but there is still an overarching aim: pleasure in the glass. I have friends who tell me Champagne is all about sex, friends who will only drink Sauvignon Blanc, friends who tirelessly buy their Lidl favourites. Everyone has a view - and they are all my friends, even if their view is apathetic - and it's not my place to tell them they're wrong. I don't believe they are, but what I do believe is that wine has the ability to surprise, to delight, to enhance experience and often to be the very experience itself. It is this search for the extraordinary that drives me forward.  Call it childish if you like, but I *love* the excitement I feel in sharing those discoveries.


David McWilliam. Founder and MD.




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