How to style a bar cart

14th Jan 2022

January makes for the perfect opportunity to create something beautiful in your home whilst you spend time staying in. If, like us, you received lots of fabulous bottles over Christmas but you have nowhere to display them, a bar cart is a great solution that looks neat and also stylish. Easy to put up, carts don't take up much room, usually nesting nicely in the corner and you can move it around if you need the extra space.

Top styling tips:

Don't overcrowd it. Display your best looking bottles and pop anything else away in a cupboard. If you've got sets with lots of glasses, just put out a few on the cart. Glassware looks best placed on a tray or board if you have glass shelves. Our  Padstow Gin Glasses are a pretty, elegant option to display.

Add home touches. Plants and photo frames, though not part of your drinks menu, add a homely, personalised feel to your cart. We love fresh roses at any time of year.

Get your tools out. Things like metal jiggers, shakers and stirrers look great on display as their shine adds an extra touch of luxe to the overall look. Keep a clean  tea towel handy to place them on whilst mixing.

Pick a colour scheme. Choose two complementary pops of colour and then keep everything else in the same palette plus neutrals. Too many, different, bright colours look chaotic. We chose pinks and oranges to match our rose gold furniture. 

Light it up. A small lamp, fairy lights, or neon sign like the one we found, beautifully illuminate glass bottles adding an extra dimension to your display. It brings your bar to life in the evening, drawing you in for a tasty gin and tonic to unwind after a long day.

Three bar carts we love

We'd love to see what you create. Tag us @padstowwinecompany on IG and we'll share our favourites on stories.

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With thanks to Sunnyhill Cottage Padstow for lending us your beautiful space for this shoot.