Knightor 9112 NV, Cornwall

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9112 is one of Knightor's well-kept secrets - made in the 'Traditional Method' - i.e. bottle-fermented. It's classy, refreshing and mature, with a note of honeycomb on the palate and a softer, more seductive bubble.


A non-vintage blend of 2009, 2011 & 2012, it's made from Chardonnay, Reichensteiner, Pinot Noir, Huxulrebe and Pinot Meunier - so that's the Champagne grapes alongside the earlier ripening varieties more commonly grown in England. With extensive bottle-age, it's bready, nutty and toasty.


Drink as an aperitif - or as I've discovered to be amazing - with nutty Cornish cheeses like Miss Muffet or the richer, aged Cornish Gouda.